Homeownership is an Important Part of Your Financial Plan

Navigating the hot real estate market has been challenging for buyers, but owning a home is still one of the best ways to build future wealth and achieve your financial goals.

The Federal Reserve’s most recent survey of consumer finances found that a homeowner’s net worth is typically 40x higher than a renter.

In addition to the freedom and stability owning a home provides, it also has a tremendous impact on personal finances.  Once you buy a home and it’s part of your financial plan, it’s important to manage your mortgage just like you would any other investment. 

Regular mortgage checkups for financial health

As your life changes, your mortgage may need to change with it.

I recommend reviewing your mortgage every year to make sure it’s still meeting your financial needs. During an annual mortgage review, a Loan Advisor evaluates your current financial situation to  help you determine if refinancing would be beneficial. There are many good reasons to refinance including shortening the term of your mortgage, scoring a lower interest rate, removing private mortgage insurance, or getting cash out to pay for home renovations or other expenses. 

Part of the Hamilton family — forever

An important part of any financial plan is getting the best value for your money. Hamilton has helped many families achieve the dream of homeownership, many of whom have continued to work with us through our Customer for Life program.

Once a homebuyer closes a loan with us, that buyer becomes a Customer for Life and never pays lender fees again, a great value on future home purchases or refinances.  If a customer is moving up, downsizing, or buying a vacation home or investment property and financing it through Hamilton, we waive the lender fees.

If you are interested in learning more about our Customer for Life program, watch the video below.

I feel grateful every day that we get to help borrowers fulfill the American Dream and create future wealth and a sound financial plan through homeownership.

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Anna Beltran
President & COO