June Is Homeownership Month — Celebrate the American Dream

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June is National Homeownership Month, a time to celebrate homeownership, the great American dream — and its impact on the lives of the nation’s families.  

A time to celebrate the importance of owning a home and the security it brings.

Of course, the Hamilton family couldn’t agree more. The idea of homeownership is so important it deserves a full month of recognition — and it’s a theme we should be pushing all year, in fact.

So let’s get started.            

Homes have become more important than ever. They’re so much more than just houses for Americans. Lately, they are our offices, schools, shelters, and now, post-pandemic, they’re sure to be our gathering places, banquet halls, and lounges, too.

That’s how important they are to us.

But for those who are eyeing homes for purchase, the timing for this important month-long celebration couldn’t be better. The housing market has really taken off this year — we’ve got record low interest rates driving a competitive market right now.

It’s true, supply is low — but that won’t stop Americans from buying. After all, they’re pursuing the American dream.

Homeownership Month is a good time to take in what we’re really selling here:

•          Stability — Predictable living expenses. No sudden jumps in price like rent.

•          Ownership — Proud owners will tell you this is their primary drive.

•          Safety — A dwelling with the right amount of privacy and security.

•          Community — Those who share the same ideals, with a shared connection.

•          Investment — A great investment with the promise of appreciation.

Emotional benefits and wealth-building possibilities — homeownership is really a celebration of American families, local neighborhoods, and the nation’s economic health.      

That’s what makes this month so special. That’s why we want to educate every prospective buyer on every program available so we can show that owning a home is within reach.

After all, it is a celebration of the American dream, and of economic strength. When we increase the ranks of homeowners, we build on the strengths of America.

And Hamilton Home Loans is leading by example. We offer programs tailored to just about every type of homebuyer, and for everyone, our Customer For Life program really honors Homeownership Month by offering no lender fees ever again after a buyer’s first purchase.

That’s making it easier for buyers to get that dream house they’ve always wanted.

The bottom line?

For generations, homeownership has been a big part of the American dream. But still, according to the most recent Census data, the homeownership rate in the United States stands at about 65%.

It’s time to change that.    

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Anna Beltran
President & COO