The Hamilton Family Difference

I’m often asked, “Why Hamilton? What makes it so special?”

I love getting these questions because with Hamilton Home Loans it’s an easy answer. I don’t have to reach for creative adjectives or a complex response. Simply put, it’s all about family.

I know companies like to throw that word around loosely, but Hamilton is one of the few places I’ve seen to back their words up with action.

This is especially important when I’m talking to prospective employees.

We go the distance here with meetups that include barbeques, happy hours, and prize giveaways. During Zoom meetings, we celebrate new pregnancies, marriages, milestones, and birthdays (combine these) all while cultivating the hardest-hitting team in the industry.

We know that hiring is about finding a great match — for both sides.

This is reflected in every facet of our business, starting with our advisors.

Our mortgage loan advisors are a cut above. They are the driving force. The very face of the company.

They have a dedicated team that stands behind them. No quarterback wins a game alone. They need a well-tuned team to support them, including the very best in marketing.

A marketing team that knows the company message and knows how to project it — with videos, educational materials, and, of course, a powerful social media machine.

Here’s the reality of a successful team: you need to find the influencers who will help communicate and rally behind a successful team leader. That’s where the Hamilton family really shines.

Companies succeed from the bottom up, not the top down. In every office, teams of people who know the mission, know the score, work seamlessly to win. Our team members reach beyond the borders of their day-to-day to see where else they can make a difference.

“Who have I helped today?” This is a question our team leaders, and our team members, ask themselves every day.

In-house operations are laser-focused on moving loans through the pipeline quickly and efficiently.

But where there is hard work, there is also celebration. We reward our champion advisors with two game-changing innovative programs for top producers — Constellation Club, a marketing concierge service advisors can use to boost their brand, and Champions Club, VIP treatment that includes trips and events.    

Combine all this with a full benefits package and matching 401(k) program, and it’s clear that Hamilton has everything the exceptional advisor needs to succeed.

Our commitment to our family is firm, and we earn their commitment as well. In fact, we recently ranked 2nd in the Sun Sentinel’s Top Work Places, based on employee input.   

Our family extends to our community too and we’re proud to give back. Whether it is lifting hammers for Habitat for Humanity, loading up food drives, or gathering gifts for local charities, these are important efforts to help those in need.

The Hamilton culture is more than just teams working together, it’s about making lasting bonds, both professionally and socially. But even more, it’s about the Hamilton family.

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Anna Beltran
President & COO