How to Detect and Avoid Phishing Emails

December 30, 2021Homeowner Blog, Realtor Blog

Phishing e-mails, constituting one of the most common ways of cyber fraud, have been at the forefront of the concerns of security professionals for several years, for instigating ransomware infections….

Scammers are Using Wire Fraud to Divert Your Mortgage Closing Costs

October 15, 2021Homeowner Blog, Realtor Blog

One of life’s most memorable and important moments can be the closing of a home mortgage. This is the final stage of a very lengthy – and sometimes stressful –…

Protect Your Email Account with 2-step Verification

September 01, 2021Homeowner Blog, Realtor Blog

Adding 2-step verification as a security feature is essential to prevent your email account from being compromised.  Most email cyber-attacks happen because a cyber-criminal has access to your email account. …

Steps to Avoid Mortgage Wire Fraud

July 01, 2021Homeowner Blog, Realtor Blog

Take precautions early in the mortgage process that might help you avoid becoming a victim of mortgage wire fraud. Here are six steps to follow: Gather names and numbers from…