Homeownership Opportunities for Veterans

November 11th is the day we pay tribute to military veterans from the U.S. Armed Forces. They are our colleagues, neighbors, friends, and relatives who have protected and served our country and communities.  

Veterans, like all homebuyers, face challenges when purchasing a home in today’s real estate market.  Low interest rates, low inventory and rising home prices have led to bidding wars, offers above asking price and frustration for potential buyers. 

A home is likely the biggest investment decision a military member, or anyone for that matter will make. Real estate is typically a safe place to invest money, and values generally increase over time. Homeownership is still one of the best ways to build future wealth and achieve your financial goals. But owning a home is much more than that.  It’s stability, becoming part of a community and the freedom to customize your home as you see fit.

For veterans, home loan benefits available through the Veterans Administration (VA) make it easier and more affordable to buy a home.

VA home loans are backed by the government and offer exceptional value to servicemembers, veterans and surviving spouses who meet eligibility requirements. Benefits include no down payment, limited closing costs, competitive interest rates, lower credit score requirements, and no mortgage insurance. 

To check eligibility for a VA home loan, visit: https://www.va.gov/housing-assistance/home-loans/eligibility/

At Hamilton, we take great pride in helping veterans become homeowners. With our Hamilton for Heroes program, we waive the lender fees for all members of the military – active duty, retired, veterans and surviving spouses.  It’s our way of recognizing and thanking our heroes for their brave and selfless service.

Best of all, the Hamilton for Heroes discount can be used along with the VA home loan benefits, offering even greater value to military members buying a home.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to this testimonial from Alex, a Unites States Navy veteran who used the Hamilton for Heroes program to help finance his home.

On behalf of the entire Hamilton family, thank you to all the veterans and their loved ones who have given so much to protect our freedom. We honor you on November 11th, and every day.

Pat Sheehy